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    Welcome to PACC 10 Enterprise. We help save your credit and boost your score fast.
    In the old days, building your credit meant starting with a secured card and waiting a year or two to start building. Eventually, a bank or lender would take a chance and approve you for a credit card or automobile with a high interest rate.
    If you pay that on time, your score will increase. While this method still works today, the days of exclusively relying on this process (which can take over 2 years) are over.
    We have clients that have increased their score 315 points in 3-4 months. We get rid of negative items rapidly and add positive tradelines to your credit card profile to ensure you have a healthy mix of installments and revolving accounts.
    We can counsel you on how to continue boosting your score even higher on your own after we have fixed your credit profile.
    Don't forget to ask about our card holder program. We compensate card holders for adding our clients as authorized users to their credit cards.
    The user never has access to spend money on your account--they do not know who you are--they are paying only for the benefit of seeing your credit card's history surface in their credit report.
    When you add a person to your card as an Authorized User, the credit card company copies and pastes the history for your card into their credit report, giving you an immediate boost in credit score.
    Get back on top with a credit repair agency you can trust and contact us in San Diego, CA today!
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Our Services

Credit repair
Credit Repair Services

Bad credit is a problem that, if you're not careful, can follow you around your whole life. Fortunately, you can turn to PACC 10 Enterprise for help. We offer a spectrum of credit repair services to help you get back in control of your life. We are always able to find that loophole that can help anyone out of their situation!

Credit boost
Credit Boost Services

We have identified a way to rapidly boost your credit score by adding positive history to your credit report. Our credit boost services work by adding you as an authorized user to credit card accounts that already have a long, perfect payment history, higher credit limit, and little to no balance. When you're added as an authorized user to this card, the credit card company will report the entire history for that credit account to your credit report, drastically improving your credit score. Our credit booster services are instantaneous, you will see a change right away!

Derogatory remarks
Credit Derogatory Marks

Credit derogatory marks are difficult things to move past in your credit situation, but with PACC 10 Enterprise on your side, nothing is impossible. Our loans services allow you to pay back debt easily and quickly, bringing your credit score back up. It's time to get credit repair help that lasts. Drop by our offices in San Diego, CA today! We know we can help.

Hard inquiry
Hard Inquiry Removal

One way to get that credit score up is to get rid of hard inquiries. One of the most frustrating things about hard inquiries is that, regardless of who has solicited them, they will decrease your credit score for around a year. Even with a great credit score, many companies will deny you if you have applied to too many places recently. With a quality credit fixing service on your side, you can mitigate the effects of these. We provide hard inquiry removal for only $20.

Credit consultation
Credit Consultation

If you are on the lookout for quick credit repair but are not sure what to expect, you can drop by for a quick and easy credit consultation. We will go over our services with you to make sure you know what you are signing up for. We'll go over your credit score and your specific situation before coming up with a plan on how to address it. Don't live with bad credit, come to a company you can trust to help you take care of it!


Green Package

Dispute derogatory accounts (1-3)

Remove hard inquiries (1-8)

Add 1 primary revolving account

Price: $500.00

Gold Package

Dispute derogatory accounts (1-10)

Remove hard inquiries (1-20)

Add 2 primary revolving accounts

Add 1 authorized user account

Price: $1,000

Black Package

Dispute derogatory accounts (ANY)

Remove hard inquiries (ANY AMOUNT)

Add 3 primary accounts

Add 3 authorized user accounts

Price: $2000.00

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